Complaint Channel

The Complaint Channel is an essential part of the compliance system of Tubing Food S.L, as one of the processes established to guarantee the effective application of the regulations and the guidelines of the Code of Conduct. This Channel is also a way to help the members of Tubig Food SL as well as other third parties to communicate confidentially and, if they wish, anonymously, the behaviors that are separated from the Code of Conduct or that violate the applicable legislation.

The Compliance area will process complaints diligently and promptly, promoting their verification and promoting measures for their resolution, in accordance with the internal management procedures of the Complaint Channel.

The information will be analyzed in an objective, impartial and confidential manner. Absolute confidentiality will be maintained on who has denounced.

The information will be made known exclusively to those areas whose collaboration is necessary for the verification actions, avoiding damaging the result of the investigation or the good name of the people affected. The result of the verification actions will be communicated to the areas that have to apply the corresponding mitigation or correction measures, in addition to the denounced and the complainant, when appropriate.

Those who report facts or actions to the Complaint Channel in good faith will not be subject to retaliation or suffer any other adverse consequence for this communication.

The Complaint Channel is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using the following form:

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Additionally, they can go directly to the compliance manager at the following email: