Tubing Food will be at the Pub 20 show in London

This year, Tubing Food will attend the Pub 20 Show held in London the 4th and the 5th of February. Pub 20 is the most important event for the pub industry in the United Kingdom, there will meet pub managers with dozens of beverage suppliers, food suppliers and all the other products that a pub needs for its everyday life.

In the Pub 20 Show, we will present our most outstanding beer towers for the British market; the Sia tap, known to be one of the better taps that makes the dispensing of beer much easier; and our more innovative products, the control systems, which allow to analyze the most important KPI for beverage dispensing and help baristas to keep the beverage in its best conditions.

We will present Keg Control, the keg dispensing control system that helps baristas and breweries to make interesting analysis of the most important KPI for keg dispensing of beer and other beverages.

We will also present the new version of Autotank, the control system that allows you to analyse tank dispensing and helps breweries to optimize their logistics. This update brings important improvements in both the usability and the analysis shown in the dashboards.

Autotank logo, control system to analyse tank beer dispensing.

You will find all of this and much more in the stand E32 of the Pub 20 Show that is celebrated in the Olympia London. Pub 20 will open its gates the following days:

  • Tuesday: 10.30h to 18h
  • Wednesday 10h to 17h

We hope to see you there.

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