Tubing Food at the 6th Edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival (BBF17) The brewing of own homemade beer has been greatly increased in recent times. The rise of craft beer is a trend that is on the rise as are many of the brands that are betting strongly for this sector. Craft beer is a practice that markets are increasingly closely followed. That is why Tubing Food did not want to miss the opportunity to attend the 6th Edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival (BBF17) and thus be able to support all those emerging brands that are doing so good work. Our commercial team has wanted to be involved more than ever in this sector that is increasing year after year. This year more than 32,000 people did not want to miss one of the most representative events of craft beer. According to the organization itself this year will go down in history for breaking the record in number of attendees (17,000) in a single day. Source: TubingFood S.L.