5 reasons why you should drink draft beer

One of the most common debates among beer lovers is about which is better: bottled, canned or draft beer. We are firm defenders of a good draft beer, whether poured from a tank or barrel. Here we leave you 5 reasons why it is better to drink drought beer.

Better taste

It is common to hear people say that they prefer draft beer because it tastes better. This is not just a personal feeling, there are different factors that make draft beer taste better than bottled or canned beer. On one hand, the contact of the beer with light impairs its flavor, making the hops react to sun exposure and making the beer bitter. Another factor that contributes to deteriorating the taste of beer is oxidation: hops and other components of beer are prone to oxidation, so if oxygen enters the container, it will develop a bad taste over time. Storing beer in kegs and tanks minimises these two factors that negatively affect beer flavour.

Cooler beer

If your local pub has a dispensing facility in good condition, you can consume the beer so fresh that it will be almost freezing. It is true that bottles and cans can also be served very cool, but it is more difficult and strange to find bottled or canned beers that are stored at 4 or 5 degrees. Keg or tank beer also tends to stay cooler the entire time it’s stored, which helps to maintain its properties.

A mug of draft beer

Ecologically sustainable

Beer kegs and tanks make it possible to store and transport large amounts of beer in containers that are either reusable (kegs) or have a durability of many years (tanks). Imagine how many cans and bottles we would save if we all always ordered draft beer! It is also more efficient and sustainable for brewers to package beer in kegs or tanks.

Poured by a professional

The way you pour a beer can greatly change your drinking experience. If it’s not poured right into the glass, this can affect its carbonation, aroma and flavour, causing it to have too much foam, etc. If the beer is served by a professional from a beer tower with a Sia tap, it will be much better, since you will have a draft beer with the right amount of cream that will keep all its properties.

Foam at its optimum point

Beer dispensing systems are designed to create just the right pressure, which helps create a thick, creamy head.

Finally, it is important to emphasise that for a draft beer to offer the best of itself, it is important to keep the entire dispensing system in optimum cleaning conditions, avoiding the growth of microorganisms that could impair the taste of the beer and renew the pipes, beer fonts and taps periodically.

Is your point of view different? We will be glad to know your opinions.

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