Sustainability performance 2022

At Tubing Food we are highly committed to environmental sustainability, which is why, year after year, we work to reduce our ecological footprint. In 2022 we have applied several improvements that we would like to share with all of you:

Reduction of CO2 tons emitted into the atmosphere

Thanks to the use of 100% renewable electricity with a certified guarantee of origin, in 2022 Tubing Food has reduced its total CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 60.2%.

It has also been possible to reduce CO2 emissions derived from waste management: the equivalent tons of CO2 have been reduced by 7.34% due to the generation of all the waste derived from the company’s activity. On the other hand, it has also been possible to reduce the equivalent tons of CO2 by 6.87% due to the generation of non-recoverable waste (which is the one with the highest emission factor).

No CO2 emissions due to refrigerant gas leaks

In 2022, no air conditioning gas leaks have been detected in the inspections carried out. As there are no leaks, there has been no gas emission into the atmosphere.

Reduction of shipments thanks to logistics centralisation

Since 2020, we have been working intensively to optimise our logistics operations. Thanks to the centralisation of goods shipping, the total number of shipments has been reduced by 42.86% with the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions.

Progressive reduction of paper consumption per worker since 2019

In 2019, we began several internal campaigns to raise awareness regarding the consumption of paper in the company. These campaigns have given results, since from 2019 to 2022, the consumption of paper per worker has been reduced by 28.85%.

Centralisation and location of equipment goods suppliers

We have been working on centralising purchases from local suppliers of equipment goods components. This centralisation and localisation of purchasing, has helped us to group orders and has resulted in a reduction in visits to suppliers with the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions.

Reuse of compact cardboard tubes

In 2022 we started to separate the compact cardboard tubes from the shrink films so that the supplier can reuse them.

Progressive improvement in waste separation

This 2022 we have continued working on the separation of waste, some of the materials that we select for recycling are the following: paper and cardboard in offices, batteries, toner, iron, aluminium, oil, plastic, fluorescent light bulbs, sprays, aerosols, among others.

This 2023 we continue working on new actions and further improve these figures, we will keep you informed.

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